Authors Guide

Whereas, all researchers, experts, universities, research institutes and industries in related fields are invited to submit papers in Persian or English to the 25th National and 3rd International conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME 2018) and play a more active role in holding this gathering even better. The papers are submitted through “” and papers format are to follow the criteria with information given in “”. According to the papers existing criteria, maximum 6 pages are allowed for each paper. The cost of reviewing of each paper is 50$ and in case of paper acceptance, the cost will be deducted from the already paid registration fee.

Please note that, the review process is based on complete manuscripts and at least, registration of one of authors is necessary for accepted papers. Only the presented papers will be published in our conference proceedings. All accepted and presented papers will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Digital Xplore. It should be noted that, the survey papers are not accepted at the conference. Meantime, the Persian paper authors are invited to submit the complete version of papers to Scientific Research of Biomedical Engineering Journal.

The conference committee also hopes more active participation and cooperation are received from respected authors that are member of local universities scientific board for reviewing paper.   

Paper Upload Guide

Please download the "upload guide" below this page.

  1. Using the “” for entry to the EDAS for starting the registration process.
  2. An email from EDAS is send after the registration that contains the necessary information for accessing EDAS website.
  3. After entry the EDAS website, use Submit Paper link for presenting a new paper.
  4. Firstly, the field of the proposed paper must be defined and then entering the title, abstract, all the author names and other papers specifications.Please note that the information you provide in this part is used in the conference booklet, proceedings, etc. without any eddition. 
  5. During above process if you confronted with message regarding payment to EDAS website, please, email the payment confirmation received from Biomedical Engineering Society for reviewing papers with registration confirmation to EDAS. (Note, the stage and timing of EDAS email must coincide with payment fee message). It should be noted that the receipt or the bank confirmation email should be sent to the  conference email (  
  6. Please allow some time after your email, to access the site for uploading the paper.
  7. Use “B Nazanin” (Persian paper) and “Times New Roman” font in the papers.
  8. The number of pages from 4 to 6 are allowed and not use any Hyperlink or Bookmark in the paper.
  9. Using word 2007 or Nitro PDF produces better results in creating PDF according to IEEE Standards.
  10. The downloading the paper from EDAS is possible if the paper uploaded correctly. Otherwise, the paper is not uploaded.  
  11. If there was any problem in using EDAS, please inform us via conference email.