Q1- Where can I find information about the submission process? 

A1: You can find the information from the "authors guides" tab. 

Q2Will the participants of the educational workshop events receive a certificate?

A2- Yes; if the participants manage to finish the course.

Q3Are the expenses the same for the papers written in English and Persian?

A3Yes, the expenses are the same.

Q4- Where can I find a template for English papers?

A4: You can find the template in the Author's guide page.

Q5- Is there a possibility for an early review (before the official results)?

A5: No, the results will only be announced in the system on the mentioned date, after the final review committee session.

Q6- I have questions about Visa and accommodation during the conference, who should I contact?

A6: First visit the visa and "Stay in Tehran" pages, If there are further questions, please Email us your question.