Executive Committees

Dr.Seyed Ahmad Motamedi

Conference chair (President of Amirkabir University of Technology)

Dr. Nasser Fatouraee

Conference chair (President of Iranian Society of Biomedical Engineering)

Dr. Nasser Fatouraee

Committe chair (Head of Faculty of Biomedical Engineering) 

Dr.Farzad Towhidkhah

Scientific Committee chair

Dr.Mehdi Bostanshirin

Executive Committe chair 

Ms. Fatemeh Hazrati

Finance Chair

Ms. Fatemeh Hazrati

Secretariat Chair

Dr.Rana Imani

Exhibitions and Workshops

Dr. Atefeh Solouk

Exhibitions and Workshops

Ms. Atefeh jannatbabaee

Conference Booklet

Ms.sara barati

EDAS Secretariat Chair

Ms.Sara Barati

Publication Chair 

Dr. Ranna Imani

Register Chair 

Dr. Mehdi shafieian

International Relations Chair