message of Executive Committees

The 23nd Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering is held on 23th to 25th November 2016, with the aim of expanding the boundaries of knowledge and exchanging scientific and practical views and to strengthen the links between researchers, students and industrialists with regard to narrowing the gap in different fields of biomedical engineering with help and collaboration of Iranian Society of Biomedical Engineering and Amirkabir University. By participation of significant and keynote lectures and holding scientific experts gathering the Biomedical Engineering committees 2016 will make the best efforts, to present recent achievements gain by Iranian researchers  in biomedical engineering science and related industry.

With respect to the position and the tasks of Amirkabir University in implementing applied research based on industries requirement, with long history, the committees trust the 23nd Conference’s achievements will bring new strategies and even stronger links in this field.

In this relation, by inviting organizations and industry whom are well known in investing in applied research and holding different panels with distinguished university lecturers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, the committees from practical point of view intent to give more wealth and value to the conference.

Leading lectures are invited to give keynote speeches in variety of related subjects at start of each session which will give more value to the conference. Therefore, in order to give this conference more magnitude and direction, all the interested lecturers, industrialists, students and policymakers are invited to present science and applied research papers.